AMEX has provided outstanding administrative, professional, technical, and management support to governments, institutions, and private corporations for more than twenty-five years. The firm’s reputation for effectiveness and efficiency is maintained and enhanced by the vast experience and pragmatic outlook of its diverse staff and its roster of expert consultants.

  • Program/Project Management and Support

    AMEX manages numerous projects for U.S. federal agencies that require rapid response to task order requests, flexibility in response to unpredictable workloads, superior recruitment, and human resources management skills.

  • Specialized Technical Assistance

    Our project management system reinforces our ability to recruit and retain quality staff and to monitor project activities so that we are able to quickly remedy unanticipated problems that may arise.

  • Conference Management and Facilitation

    AMEX provides conference management and facilitation services for domestic and international meetings, seminars, and workshops that span a wide range of technical areas.


  • Human Resource Development and Training

    AMEX has extensive human resource development and training experience, having designed and carried out trainings in a wide variety of fields for U.S. federal agencies for many years.

Providing Support Services to USAID

AMEX is currently providing administrative, technical, and management support to USAID’s Office of Food for Peace in the planning, management, and evaluation of U.S. government food aid shipments to developing countries. AMEX has a staff of 23 people, who are responsible for helping USAID in developing program guidelines, maintaining the Information System, supporting operations, arranging for commodity procurement and transportation, updating budgetary data and freight cost, processing invoices and vouchers, analyzing program activities, providing assistance in drafting result reports, providing input for congressional budget justification, and training new USAID staff in the operational methodologies.

"I could write many flowery comments about AMEX but in only a few words, AMEX is the sort of contractor that is very professional, easy to work with and one that we all wish other contractors could emulate”

Marilynn Bianco / Contracting Officer, USAID-OAA

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Office of Food for Peace

Since 2001, AMEX has supported the Office of Food for Peace (FFP) over a series of three institutional support contracts totaling more than $37.5 million. We support the planning, management, and administration of grants, cooperative agreements, contracts, and inter-agency agreements. In 2013 alone, AMEX supported FFP in providing approximately $1.4 billion in food aid and administering $577.6 million in grants.

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Food For Peace

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Other areas of expertise


Monitoring, Evaluation and Research

AMEX has a global footprint in monitoring, evaluation, and research that includes work in sectors such as global health, education, agriculture, democracy and governance, conflict prevention, and economic development.

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Democracy and Governance

AMEX is dedicated to the advancement of democratic principles embodied in rule of law, human rights, and good governance and has implemented activities designed to promote transparency and accountability of government programs, polices, and services.

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