AMEX has promoted democracy and good governance by encouraging transparency and accountability of government functions and policies, and by increasing citizen participation in political and economic systems.

  • Institutional and Human-resource Capacity Building
  • Civic Education and Human-rights Advocacy
  • Conflict Mediation and Resolution
  • Project Design, Management, and Evaluation
  • Strengthening Judicial & Legislative Processes
  • Administrative Law Reform

In 2013, AMEX was awarded the USAID International Rule of Law IQC, a mechanism that entails a wide array of support services encompassing short- and long-term technical assistance and other activities aimed at supporting the development of rule of law and human rights. Under this contract, AMEX is responsible for providing technical leadership, field support, and program management in support of objectives in the areas of rule of law, elections and political processes, civil society, and governance. Over-arching responsibilities of the program include integration, strategic planning, overall sector assessment, and monitoring and evaluation.

"Team - I think our event this morning was very successful and did us proud- allowing us to host some of the top development partners in the world and make it effective and seamless. Great Job.”

Alex Thier / Assistant to the Administrator, USAID

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USAID Morocco’s Community-Oriented Policing Activity

This three-year pilot project is designed to help communities and local police officials develop the capacity to work effectively and collaboratively in order to identify and address problems related to crime, safety, security, and livability in targeted neighborhoods in Tangier and Tetouan. The Community-Oriented Policing Activity (COPA) works with civil society organizations, schools, at-risk youth, faith-based youth, and private sector groups, in partnership with police and local government leaders, to solve problems of mutual concern in the targeted neighborhoods.

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Other areas of expertise


Administrative, Technical, and Management Support

AMEX rapidly deploys qualified personnel and provides the facilities, equipment, training, travel support needed to seamlessly integrate with our clients’ operations and aid them in fulfilling their missions.

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Monitoring, Evaluation and Research

AMEX has a global footprint in monitoring, evaluation, and research that includes work in sectors such as global health, education, agriculture, democracy and governance, conflict prevention, and economic development.

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