AMEX International’s work in monitoring, evaluation, and research has a truly global footprint that spans sectors such as global health, education, agriculture, democracy and governance, conflict prevention, and economic growth. We are team oriented and bring together experts in a range of quantitative and qualitative M&E methods, including gap analyses for gender and vulnerable groups. Our services are motivated by learning and evidence-based decision making and aided by compelling data visualization and convincing communications products. As a complement to M&E and research, we offer a host of knowledge management tools and processes that promote access to and use of information.

  • Data Collection & Management
  • Performance Monitoring & Evaluation
  • Qualitative Assessments & Formative Research
  • Impact Evaluations
  • Statistical Analysis & Survey Research
  • Management & Geographic Information Systems

In 2015, AMEX was awarded the Monitoring & Evaluation IDIQ (EVAL-ME). Under this contract, AMEX will provide technical and advisory services for performance and impact evaluations, evaluation and performance monitoring capacity building, and performance monitoring activities at the USAID Mission (operating unit), Bureau, and Agency-wide levels.

"FFP managed to approve 24 DAPS within the 120 day period. It was a crushing workload in a tight timeframe, but we did it!…In addition to each and every one of the DP CBOs, who did a phenomenal job, I want to thank everyone else who helped along the way. AMEX… deserves enormous thanks for the management of the process including the tracking system, assisting with the worksheets and the TAs….Excellent job everyone! I am so proud that we have been able to accomplish this very large milestone.”

Director / DCHA/FFP Program

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Final Performance Evaluation of the Improving Quality of Primary Education Program

USAID/Ethiopia’s Improving the Quality of Primary Education Program (IQPEP) was a five-year, country-wide program launched in August 2009 to build the capacity of the country’s rapidly expanding primary education sector. AMEX conducted the final performance evaluation of the project in August 2014 as IQPEP was nearing the end of its fifth year of implementation. IQPEP focused on improving the planning and management of primary education and transforming teaching and learning processes. The program also placed new emphasis on improving reading and writing proficiencies in the early grades, and on monitoring students’ and teachers’ progress. IQPEP directly supported 2,615 primary schools, 30 Colleges of Teacher Education, 200 focus woredas (districts), and all regions and city administrations.

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Other areas of expertise


Administrative, Technical, and Management Support

AMEX rapidly deploys qualified personnel and provides the facilities, equipment, training, travel support needed to seamlessly integrate with our clients’ operations and aid them in fulfilling their missions.

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Democracy and Governance

AMEX is dedicated to the advancement of democratic principles embodied in rule of law, human rights, and good governance and has implemented activities designed to promote transparency and accountability of government programs, polices, and services.

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